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Case Studies

Head Teacher – Interim/Consultancy

We identified an outstanding interim head teacher, who filled a post within a very short space of time and exceeded all expectations.

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Executive Principle – Interim/Consultancy

We sourced an expert in improvement to work alongside a new executive principle, brought in to turn around a large failing school.

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SEN Officer – Interim

We provided an experienced SEN officer with a one-week turnaround from the job brief to the start date.

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School Improvement Advisor – Interim

We sourced and experienced school improvement advisor to prepare schools for Ofsted.

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Head Teacher – Permanent

We provided a strong short list, from which an exceptional permanent head teacher was placed in a special school.

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SEN Service Manager – Permanent

In just 48-hours we placed an experienced SEN service manager with an authority, which had struggled to find a suitable candidate.

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