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Executive Principle – Interim/Consultancy

We sourced an expert in improvement to work alongside a new executive principle, brought in to turn around a large failing school.

The Challenge

A newly appointed principal of a school in flux began a programme of staff renewal. He needed someone with the experience of tough environments to work with him on improving standards. The school had many sensitive issues within the community and the established staff. The client asked that we find an experienced head or principal who had a strong record of developing staff. The candidate needed to have the personality that would enable them to work with teachers, create buy in and change attitudes.

Our Approach

In a discussion with the principal we were able to identify the specific skills gap in teaching and learning. Education Futures created a search plan that was nationwide. We sourced high performing individuals with traceable track records. Once we identified a shortlist, we conducted candidate assessments and presented one candidate.

The Outcome & Benefits

The candidate fitted the profile of person exactly and she is currently working with the principal to affect rapid change.

  • The candidate contract has been extended for year
  • We are currently engaged in a retained search for the client for a senior member of SLT

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