School Improvement Consultant / Interim Headteacher

Previous School improvement manager for 60 schools

Key Highlights

  • Vice-Principal
  • Head of Maths

Consultancy Services included

  • Headteacher recruitment and Headteacher performance management
  • Headteacher and Governing Body training
  • Interim Management
  • Improving the quality of teaching (resulting in high impact gains in attainment and achievement)
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Data analysis and subsequent action planning
  • Assessment and interventions (particularly for closing gaps with disadvantaged and others) Quality assurance / monitoring
  • Preparation for Ofsted
  • Effective use of Pupil premium funding

Key career achievements

As School Improvement Manager – Worked with one school in special measures, moved to “good”, moved 2 schools from “requires improvement” to “good” and six schools retained their “good” judgement under the new Ofsted framework.

As part of an Interim Team, this superb consultant employed to support a school to come out of category.  Worked alongside HMI as the school was in special measures; all section 8 monitoring visits were passed successfully and the inspectors recognised the significant improvements that were being made.

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