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General Data Protection Regulations and Our Relationship with You

In May 2018 the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into force. This will replace the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998

The Regulations will place much stricter controls over the data that companies such as Futures can hold in respect of individuals and how we store and use that data. Futures of course currently complies fully with the 1998 Act and this compliance will assist us in the move to the new Regulations.

In order that we become compliant with these new regulations our relationship with you will need to change.

One of the major changes being brought in next May is the issue of “Express Consent”. From the Implementation Date of 25th May 2018, if we are to store and process your personal data (which includes your CV, telephone numbers, email address etc.), we will need your positive consent to do so.

This means that you, as our candidate or contractor, must expressly authorise us to hold and process your information. It will not be sufficient for us to assume that since we have your data we can use it. You will also have the right at any time to withdraw the consent you may give. You must be aware of this right to withdraw consent prior to you actually giving consent.

We will be contacting and working with all our candidates and contractors over the coming months to ask for this consent. Hopefully the consent will be forthcoming but if it is not then we will not be able to act for you as your agency nor seek to place you with our network of clients.

At present will store and process your personal data within our internal systems and we share some of this information with clients and other parties such as HMRC. Clearly we only do such things for legitimate business reasons or to comply with the requirements of HMRC and the UK taxation system and tax law and other interested government parties such as the UK Borders Agency.

As the process of obtaining consent gets underway we will outline to you what data we currently hold and in what format, how we process that information and with whom we would seek to share the information. Broadly speaking, for most candidates and contractors (potential and otherwise), we hold the following data:

  • Your CV as submitted to us
  • Your CV in our own format potentially with any identifying data removed
  • Your registration form completed by you on your first contact with us
  • Your home address
  • Your mobile and land line numbers
  • Your email address
  • Copies of qualifications, passport, other proof of ID/address
  • References
  • DBS reports
  • Any contracts you have signed with us as your agency together with other associated forms such as the Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 Opt Out Form.

We will also outline to you how we process your data the flow of data both within our company systems and, where appropriate, when we send your information to external parties such as clients to enable us to obtain placements for you as a contractor.

As a first step to ensuring our compliance under GDPR we will be putting in place a new step in our registration process in the new year (1st January 2018). This will ensure that all newly registering candidates and contractors are aware of the new GDPR requirements, are able to give their consent and to withdraw the consent if they so wish. Newly registering contractors will also be made aware of the right to have their data amended if, for example, they wish to update their CV.

Our second step will be to cleanse and update all the data we hold so that we can commence obtaining consent in 2018.

We hope the above information is instructive and confirms to you our commitment to the highest levels of service and compliance and it gives you assurance that we have your best interests at heart because – without you, our interim and permanent candidates – we do not have a business. Let us all pull together to make the new Regulations work in the interests of all parties.

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